Dr. Próspero N. García

Rutgers University

Sesión: Understanding language teachers? emocognitive development through a

Próspero N. García is associate professor at Rutgers University, Camden. He holds a PhD in
Hispanic Linguistics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. As an applied linguist, his

research focuses in of Spanish second language (L2) development and pedagogy from a neo-
Vygotskyan sociocultural perspective.

His most recent publications have explored the implementation of Dynamic Assessment to
promote L2 teacher’s conceptual development, the role of Conscious Conceptual Manipulation
in the development of grammatical categories, the implementation of concept-based
instruction (CBI) in the heritage and second language classrooms, and the role of emotion and
agency in the development and internalization of scientific concepts.
Dr. Garcia’s is also a renowned educator. He is the recipient of several teaching awards
including the 2020 Warren I. Susman Award for Excellence in Teaching, the 2017-2018
Graduate Faculty Teaching Award from the Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools
(NAGS), the 2017-2018 President Fellowship for Teaching Excellence, and the 2017 Chancellor’s
Award for teaching excellence at Rutgers University-Camden. He has also served as project
coordinator in a multiyear grant from the US Department of Education for the development of
pedagogical tools to implement of CBI in the language classroom, and his teaching materials
have been published in several textbooks.

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