Dra. Mary J. Schleppegrell

University of Michigan

Sesión: Challenges for teaching language and ?integrating? content: The ?content? in language and the ?language? in content

Mary Schleppegrell is a linguist and Professor of Education at the University of Michigan,
Ann Arbor. Previously an elementary school teacher and an ESL teacher, she now studies the
linguistic challenges of learning school subjects, with a particular focus on second language
learners. Her current research with Chauncey Monte-Sano is supporting teachers in engaging
middle school students in discipline-specific writing in social studies classrooms with English
learners who need support for reading and writing at grade level. Her books include The
Language of Schooling (Erlbaum, 2004), Developing Advanced Literacy in First and Second
Languages (co-edited with Cecilia Colombi, Erlbaum, 2002,) Reading in Secondary Content
Areas (with Zhihui Fang, University of Michigan Press, 2008), and Focus on Grammar and
Meaning (with Luciana de Oliveira, Oxford University Press, 2015). Her research is
published in journals including Learning and Instruction, Linguistics and Education, TESOL
Quarterly, Journal of Writing Research, Language Learning, Research in the Teaching of
English, Reading and Writing Quarterly, Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, Assessing
Writing, and Written Communication.

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